Teggings is closing permanently – our last day of sales will be December 20th!

Care Instructions

For best possible longevity of your garments, hand wash cold and lay flat or hang to dry. Garments treated with care, in a manner similar to lingerie, can potentially last for multiple years. We’ve had Teggings fans wear some of their garments for 7+ years if cared for in this manner. 

Some folks have reported that they machine wash their Teggings in cold water in a lingerie bag and have not had any problems with the garment's durability. However, when laundered in a washing machine the garments are at greater risk of snags, pilling, or rips. It is also normal to have pilling caused by body friction, though pilled Teggings are still very durable. No matter what, avoid drying in the dryer for the longest possible life of your garment.